JULY 2022

Selling Art 

That moment when you sell a piece of original art to a stranger is amazing. What a high! 

This feeling wasn’t something I put any stock into, until I sold a piece of art to somebody I did not know at an art show.

Knowing that a person saw my work, fell in love with the artwork and wanted that painting in their home! Most definitely a high for me.

As an artist I am very sensitive, at times overly so, I do take comments to heart. The good and the bad. A throw away comment that others can simply brush off, I don’t and sometimes can’t.

It’s these comments that can do serious damage to my heart and head. Rational? Not to everyone but their comments stick and dig into me. Like thorns, they attached themselves to me to come to light on another day. This is called, by some, the Imposter. That voice telling you that you aren’t good enough, aren’t an artist and so forth. That voice that causes us untold damage.

It has taken me years and years to get to the stage of calling myself an artist, a painter, but that is for another blog post!

Back to selling. 

I wondered if the high of selling my artwork would only happen for that very first sale. Would any subsequent sales feel samo-samo? 

Delightfully, it isn’t. That feeling for me stays for all my sales.

Knowing I have produced a work of art, a painting, that speaks to another is incredible.

I love that another gains pleasure from owning a piece my art.

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