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I became an artist because there is a fire burning inside me that compels me to give it expression. When I am making art, I am my most authentic self.

Over the last thirty years, I have been passionate about art, using diverse media and subject matter. This has culminated in a love of trees, driftwood and stone. My two specialities are watercolour tree paintings and driftwood sculptures.

My abstract artworks are inspired by the magnificence of nature and the mystical beauty of hares. When beginning a new piece of art, I allow myself to become absorbed into the work, letting freedom of expression flow. Many of my art-works capture the awesome energy and movement of wind through trees.

In my watercolour paintings I capture the incredible shapes trees grow into along with how changing seasons alter their appearance. With my favourite season being Autumn, many of my paintings are centred around the splendid fire colours the leaves turn.

We commissioned Vicky to paint a picture of

a particularly memorable

location for our anniversary.

She did a wonderful job – we were delighted

with the result. Would definitely

recommend. Mr & Mrs B

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Art is not what you see but what you make others see. 

Edgar Degas