Victoria Meering Art

At Victoria Meering Art, I create intricate driftwood sculptures and watercolour paintings of trees. Each sculpture is handmade using ethically sourced driftwood.

​I take wood that has been discarded, whether by storms or other natural phenomena and restore it with oil and care, making out of it something beautiful.


Back of sculpture

​When I begin to work on a piece, I do not usually have a finished piece of work in mind. This allows for the mystery of nature to unfold as I work. The end results are inspirational, contemplative and thought-provoking. I work intuitively, allowing natural guidance to grace me as I work.

These handcrafted, sculptural art in driftwood and wire can accentuate the elegance of your home while bringing the beauty of nature indoors. My driftwood sculptures are created to accentuate a room.

The creations I make push the lines between form and contrasts, beauty and cohesion. The beauty of a finely crafted sculptural driftwood and wire, or a set of multiple wire trees nestled within the driftwood as an organic sculpture is totally different to anything manmade.

​Every piece of wood is uniquely individual making my sculptures, more than simply mass-produced. They are all one-of-a-kind artworks from Victoria Meering Art. 

​Each tree is carefully paired with base elements, stone, wood, glass, wire, to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. All of my pieces are inspired by nature and incorporate different combinations of metal wire, wood, stone, and glass. This is to create one-of-a-kind gifts and conversation inspiring art for your home or office.

When I am not working with my sculptures, I am painting watercolours of trees on Yupo paper.

There is something so interesting about trees from the diversity of shapes to where they can actually grow.

Tree of Fire Series No 3
A New Season

My story

​I was born in Hong Kong in 1965 to a very artistic Scottish-Welsh family. Travelling to amazing locations around the world has been incredible. I live in Britain on the Surrey-Hampshire border with my husband.

​The work-art balance has now shifted from being a full-time children's nurse, allowing more time to develop as an artist. Art studies in Europe, Canada and Vietnam have influenced my love of colour and different art forms. Examples include Canada for the amazing fire colours of Fall and the Far East for its calm inscrutability.

Frostine Galaxy
Primeval Tree