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Victoria Meering Art

At Victoria Meering Art, I create abstract watercolour paintings of hares, cats and trees. My paintings reflect my love of 'Fall' and spectacular fire colours the leaves turn into. 

The paintings I create push the lines between form and contrasts, beauty and cohesion. 

My muse assists me with the concepts I make with hares.


Commissioning a peice of art is easier than you might think.

Just contact me here so we can start the porcess:

I would love to create something special for your home.

My artwork reflects both nature with a dose of artistic interpretation

producing completely unique works that nobody else has,

making each piece very rare.

Allow me to design you a bespoke piece of art.

Send me a message and we can start collaborating

on your individual piece of artwork today.


Tree of Fire

My story

​I was born in Hong Kong in 1965 to a very artistic Scottish-Welsh family. Travelling to amazing locations around the world has been incredible. I live in Britain on the Surrey-Hampshire border with my husband.

​The work-art balance has now shifted from being a full-time children's nurse, allowing more time to develop as an artist. Art studies in Europe, Canada and Vietnam have influenced my love of colour and different art forms. Examples include Canada for the amazing fire colours of Fall and the Far East for its calm inscrutability.

Testimonies from some of my incredible clients below:

Volcanoes resonate with me, they are as stunning as they are dangerous. This was not a commission piece but when I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for my home.

Would recommend this artist.

Mr W

We commissioned Vicky to paint a picture of a particularly memorable location for our anniversary. She did a wonderful job – we were delighted with the result.

Would definitely recommend.

Mr & Mrs B

Thank you these for beautiful drawings, bringing back wonderful memories of my dancing days. I fell in love with the pictures the moment i saw them, you captured my feelings perfectly. Victoria, you are blessed with a gift xx

Mrs S

“We received this painting as a housewarming gift. We were very pleased with it, and the colours fit wonderfully with our home.”

Mr & Mrs M

“Hares are fascinating creatures and this picture evokes thoughts of the wise hare staring at the moon with a secret to tell. I love the darkness of the painting, the sense of mystery, the anticipation of what’s to come. This painting encompasses all that I love about hares. Would recommend this artist.”

Mrs C

“The intense background frames the dark mesmerizing figure of the hare who is the main focus. The hare gives me the impression that he is returning home in the early dawn, having witnessed the mysteries of the nights, weary and ready for rest. I absolutely fell in love with this painting that captured the mystery of hares.”

Mrs J C 

Victoria Meering’s work leaves me spellbound. I find her ‘doors’ series utterly captivating – I have to fight the urge to jump into the painting and rip the doors off their hinges, so desperate am I to experience what is beyond. Her talent is a joy to the eye and the soul.

Mrs L D