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Victoria Meering Art's statement

I became a contemporary artist to express the burning fire inside me, embodying my authentic self through art.

Here on 'victoriameeringart' you will find my current artworks plus some of my older bespoke ones. 

For the past three decades, my unwavering passion for art has driven me to explore various media and subjects. Along this artistic journey, my love for atmospheric seascapes has reached its pinnacle.

My abstract artworks draw inspiration from the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, with each painting commencing with a captivating stroll amidst natural surroundings.

When embarking on a new artistic creation, I surrender myself to the process, enabling the unrestricted flow of expressive freedom.

​Born in Hong Kong into an artistic Scottish-Welsh family in 1965, I've traveled the world and now reside in Britain on the Surrey-Hampshire border with my husband.​ The work-art balance has now shifted from being a full-time children's nurse, allowing more time to develop as an artist. 

My artistic studies across Europe, Canada, and Vietnam have deeply influenced my adoration for vibrant colors and diverse art forms. Notably, Canada's breathtaking fall foliage with its mesmerizing fire-like hues and the Far East's serene inscrutability have left an indelible mark on my artistic journey.

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